Get Connected

Prescott Life Church is all about plugging people into appropriate areas of ministry and discipleship.  We look forward to helping you identify your calling and getting you plugged-in to the right areas to grow and serve at PLC.

Ministry Opportunities

We all have God-given talents and gifts that we’re entrusted with to use in His Kingdom! Everyone desires that “Well Done” from the Father. A church does not run on how well the Pastor is preaching, how annointed the worship is, or even the amount of tithes and offerings given. The modern-day Church runs on the power of its lay-leaders and volunteers. Prescott Life Church has many opportunities for people of every age to step up and serve. Whether it’s office administration, worship, sound/media , graphic design, or welcoming; God’s kingdom needs you. If you’re interested in helping out, let us know! Contact the office or mark your guest card.  Feel free to complete our Spiritual Gifts and Skills Survey and submit it online today!