Internship Program

Multiply: To Make Many, To Increase

Here at the Multiply Intern Program we offer both full and part-time internships. A full time intern will be required to be at the church 5 days a week and dedicate their time to the program in the same way they would for a full time job. Part-time interns are allowed to work part time jobs outside of the church and will be given a lighter work load at church throughout the week. Costs vary depending on which you select. Contact our office at 928- 445 -4064 (Mon.- Thurs. 10 am- 4pm) for all questions concerning costs or requirements for the program.

At Multiply, we offer accredited Bible classes and hands-on ministry all in one. Our goal in this internship is to equip and train the ministers of tomorrow by doing the following:

  1. Developing in each intern a desire for God – to give a burning desire for a deeper intimacy with God.
  2. Giving the opportunity for daily ministerial experiences – to give practical ministry experience while working at Prescott Life Church.
  3. Daily devotions to Biblical instruction – to give a solid Biblical foundation while taking accredited Bible courses.
  4. Imparting discipleship from ministry leaders – to give one-one-one discipleship and mentoring.
  5. Direction for ministry life – to give hands on training in these areas: Audio/Video, Evangelism, Missions, Pastoral, and Worship

What a day looks like:

This internship is designed for individuals desiring to pursue full-time vocational ministry. Interns fully experience the realities of working at a church full-time, and get to be a part of staff meetings and retreats, as well as have access to staff for specialized training.

Multiply is for those ready to be pushed, challenged and stretched to new levels of spiritual disciplines, servant-hood, fasting, prayer and Biblical knowledge. This internship is designed for those who are ready for twelve months of seeking the face of God, establishing a solid identity in Christ and wanting to give twelve months of their life to serve the local church, the poor, the hurting and the forgotten. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or where you were heading, this internship is for anyone ready to radically become more like Christ!

A typical day consists of arriving at the church at 10:00am each morning. We will meet in the main sanctuary every morning for a prayer time. One day a week will start with an all staff meeting led by our Lead Pastor.  Each day will involve one of Multiple’s Ministry tracks (see below), working with one of the ministries at Prescott Life Church and working on Berean School of the Bible. Students normally have Fridays and Saturdays off.  Most days interns will be free to leave by 3:00pm to work a part time job outside of the church  ministry.

Ministry Tracks:

Our ministry tracks will be hands on involvement with the different ministries that we have at the church:

  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Children’s Ministries
  • Youth Ministries
  • Worship Ministries
  • City Outreaches
  • Prayer
  • Audio/Video

If interested in exploring or applying for the Prescott Life Church Multiply Internship, follow this link and Contact Us.



       Christopher Jungles

My name is Chris, I am one of the full-time interns here at Prescott Life. I grew up in a small town back home in Minnesota, and miss it every minute of the day. After joining the Marines and serving 8 years I found myself here in the Prescott area for college. Little did I know the Lord had a much bigger plan for my life. I had been running from the calling of God since I was confirmed in my faith back home when I was in 8th grade. I would constantly have people come up to me and tell me that I must go into ministry, including all my Pastors on a regular basis. When I first attended service here at Prescott Life the calling on my life grew ever stronger each day and I found myself delving into my Bible and different ministries as much as possible. People have asked me why are you doing a full-time internship and why do you spend so much time devoted to ministry. My simple reply, did not Jesus devote his life to us? That is why I continue to fully seek out everything the Lord is teaching and showing me. In the Multiply Internship I get to learn how to do just that. I am learning how to work alongside other interns and how to take instruction from the pastors. I am actively involved in all sorts of ministries including: youth, college and worship. I truly believe that by giving God a year out of my life to focus on him, He will help to guide me through whatever else this life will throw my way.


               Ethan Fortner  

This internship has been so life changing this far! The calling of God on anyone’s life should not be taken lightly! I know for so long that I had no idea where I needed to be in my life, till God finally gave me insight on where I needed to be. Weather you run or not, God’s Calling will catch up to you.
Through the internship this far, never in my life have I ever been so on fire, and closer to God. Just by being in an environment where everyone’s main goal is to go and make disciples, has changed my outlook on how we as believers should live our lives. Being on a worship team ever since I was 13, has always planted that seed of love for worshiping God with my gifts. This internship has given me the opportunity to not only be on a worship team every week, but have the opportunity to lead out youth students into worship every Wednesday night. The more we go into it, the deeper we have gone in worship. I cannot wait for that road ahead! My heart has always lied with the youth. This internship is teaching me the vital skills and knowledge to be able to one day be a youth pastor, and be an instrument to help God change lives!
This whole experience has not only changed my life, but has helped me be a part of changing others! I encourage everyone and anyone to follow the calling of God in there lives! You will not be disappointed!


                       Leah Barger

Hi, my name is Leah. I was born and raised in Dyersburg, Tennessee. I knew from a young age that I was called into ministry and very quickly got involved with my local church. While I was working with the children at my church I felt God calling me to go and help children, especially children in need in the area of missions. As I continued to explore the calling of God on my life, I started to look into different programs that would teach me what missions work looks like. I moved to Arizona to be a part of a church plant, while I was out there I discovered this internship program. During my time in the Multiply Internship, I was able to go on my first missions trip to an orphanage and see missions first hand. This trip changed my life! I was able to work with little children in need, alongside missionaries who have a heart for the needy in their area. Coming home from this trip, I was able to sponsor 2 kids from the orphanage that I get to write back and forth and be a regular part of their lives. Through this internship I learned many other lessons including how to serve, how to worship and how to be a part of a team. Looking back at my year at Multiply it is amazing to see the relationships I developed (including my husband), the times God provided for me, and all the things I have learned. Before this internship I never knew how much work and sacrifice went into full-time ministry. Ministry is truly about serving others.


           Mychal Semprun

Hi! My name is Mychal (pronounced Michael). I was born in California, but moved to Prescott when I was 2 years old. I grew up in this town and I’m known as the local boy. I started attending Prescott Life Church when I was in middle school and came up through the youth group. When I was in high school I felt the calling of God on my life to go into full time ministry, but I had no idea what that meant or how to go about doing it. Right out of high school my youth pastor at the time told me that I should do Berean, an online school through the Assemblies of God to become a pastor. I started the classes and was excited to be on my way to ministry, however I quickly realized how difficult of a task this was to complete on my own. When I heard that there was an internship program starting at my church I was the first to sign up! I was excited to have a support team to help me complete my classes! Through the Multiply Internship I was able to complete my Berean classes and become a certified minister. I got to be a part of the team that started a college ministry from scratch, play on the worship team, help with the youth group, learn how to run the website and so much more! After my 1st year in Multiply, I was given the opportunity to stay at Prescott Life Church and be the College/Young Adults pastor. I also have other various tasks around the church and get to be involved in all areas of ministry. For anyone who has the call of God on their life and doesn’t know where to start, I would highly recommend the Multiply Internship, not only will the amazing pastors teach you both the hands on and spiritual sides of ministry, they will help place you into a full time position when you are ready!


                   Steve Reid

I’m Steve, I am 46 years old and have a wife and 3 kids. I have had the privilege of being a part of the PLC Multiply internship program. I was blessed to be in the youth group of Pastor Dave Groff many years ago in the state of Washington. The Lord brought us across each others paths again about 7 years ago when Pastor Dave moved to Prescott. He had encouraged me to look into the Berean Bible school through Global university a couple of years ago. It was a time when the Lord had opened doors for me to travel overseas doing mission work in India and East Africa. I have been blessed to work alongside a dear brother in the Lord who is on staff with Reachglobal missions. He is the Africa Pathways director which is a ministry focused on equipping and training national pastors in properly handling God’s word; the Bible.  Now that I am involved in this internship locally it is helping prepare me in excellent Bible education. Lord willing I will have further opportunities to do overseas missions. I have really enjoyed the online and book classes through Berean and  the opportunities at the church to do ministry related work during the week and be plugged into the Wednesday night youth service. There are  also many opportunities for praying with people who attend the church on Sunday services too which I really enjoy. The support I receive from the other interns and the Pastoral staff at PLC is outstanding. They are very encouraging and available to teach and disciple me through the process of moving further in my personal development and ministry. Praise the Lord for this program!